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Ballon Rouge is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by Taiwan-born, Ghent-based artist Pei-Hsuan Wang at Art Brussels 2023. Wang has exhibited work at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, and the National Gallery of Indonesia, among others. Recent solo exhibitions include Ghost Eat Mud at Kunsthal Gent, Ghent (2022), I've Left My Body to Occupy Others at Good Weather, Chicago (2020), For Iris at Gallery 456, New York (2020), and You Are My Sunshine at Taipei Contemporary Art Center (2019). She has a forthcoming solo with Ballon Rouge in September of this year. 


For Art Brussels she has titled her presentation “Statues of Asking.” As is typical of Wang’s works, her practice is rooted in ways of engaging with her identity. Much of this centers on her and her family's diasporic migration from Taiwan to the US. Her work also explores her relationship with the women in her life;  takes inspiration from ancient Chinese and East Asian myths and folklore, and plays with the idea of shapeshifting. From her grandmother, the matriarch of the family, whose fruit farm in Taiwan becomes a metaphor for propagation and nurturing in her work - to the relationship she has with her niece Iris, who is first generation Taiwanese-American and biracial - with an East Asian mother and white father. In Wang’s work Iris becomes a kind of doppelganger to the artist  as well as a representation of the relationship between whiteness and desirability, and whiteness as aspiration. 


The intricate drawings on paper that will be presented come from her drawing series titled Miniatures which solicits an allegorical reading. Recurring central figures include the artist and her niece Iris, featured conducting ambiguous activities and accompanied by mystical objects and creatures in magnificent settings. Multi-point perspective suggests nonlinear plotlines, convoluted by decorative layering of details and symbols. Then there is the drawing titled Hounds of Love, a reference to shapeshifting and self-portraiture, and Mother and Lychee Tree, a tribute to her mother and her grandmother, and her matrilineal heritage. Her family becomes mythical, symbolic.


Then there are five sculptures presented atop their crates. These sculptures, Statue of Asking: Threshold Guardian I & II, Turtle (Tortoise Who Held Up the Sky), Rabbit, and  Monkey, are representative of her parsing of folklore, morphologies, shapeshifting, symbolism, and metaphors - each with their own specific references and stories.  For example, Turtle (Tortoise Who Held Up the Sky) is an homage to the giant tortoise in the myth Nuwa Mending The Sky, a story in which the tortoise lifted up the sky with his legs. When viewed with Rabbit, it harkens to the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. And additionally, when viewed with Monkey, alludes to the Filipino folktale The Monkey and the Turtle. They rest on their crates as a representation of  a sense of (transnational) movement and in-transit-ness, paired with a sense of pragmatism and humility, endurance, and much care. Each box costum-made by the artist and exhibits all the marks and wears from its travels.


In Wang’s practice everything is interwoven and meaningful - thought-through. Personal history is entwined with ancient folklore, creating a unique aesthetic and perspective, an invitation into her world.


Pei-Hsuan Wang

(b. 1987, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium)



2012  MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art—Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

2010  BA, Macalester College—St. Paul, MN, USA


Solo Exhibitions 

2023 With Infinite Softness (working title, upcoming), Ballon Rouge—Brussels, Belgium

2022 Ghost Eat Mud, Kunsthal Gent—Ghent, Belgium

2020  I’ve Left My Body to Occupy Others, Good Weather—Chicago, IL, USA

2020  For Iris, Gallery 456—New York, NY, USA

2019  You Are My Sunshine, Taipei Contemporary Art Center—Taipei, Taiwan

2018  Momentary Grace, Haiton Art—Taipei, Taiwan

2016  The Uncontainable Tales of a Paradise, Waley Art—Taipei, Taiwan

2014  Formation No.1: On Levitation, Bamboo Curtain Studio—Taipei, Taiwan


Two-Person Exhibitions 

2022  Animal Beings, with Merel Cremers, Valcke Art Gallery—Ghent, Belgium

2018  where we meet, with ektor garcia, Good Weather, Chicken Coop Contemporary—Portland, OR, USA


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022  A Glittering Ruin Sucked Upwards, curated by Yann Chateigné, HISK Gosset—Brussels, Belgium

2021  The HISK Affair, curated by Pieter Vermeulen and Sam Steverlynck, HISK Gosset—Brussels, Belgium

2021  Either Too Quiet or Too Loud, curated by Bo Chun Hsiao, Hong-gah Museum—Taipei, Taiwan

2020  ///\\///, Solid Art—Taoyuan, Taiwan

2019  Passage of Sinthome, Sanya Art Museum—Hainan, China

2019  IRL {In Real Life}, ASIA NOW Paris Art Fair, curated by X Zhu-Nowell—Paris, France

2019  Proyector Festival de Videoarte—Madrid, Spain

2018  Asian Art Biennale, National Gallery—Dhaka, Bangladesh

2016  Negative Horizon: Taiwan Intl Video Art Biennale, Hong-gah Museum—Taipei,Taiwan

2016  Jakarta Ceramics Biennale, National Gallery of Indonesia—Jakarta, Indonesia


Awards and Grants

2019  Special Jury Prize, Huayu Youth Award, China

2016  Juror’s Choice Award, Taipei Arts Award, Taiwan

2013  Dorchester Fellowship, Theaster Gates Studio + Rebuild Foundation, Chicago, IL, USA


Curation and Exhibition-Making

2020  like a luminous animal, Solid Art Taipei Space—Taipei, Taiwan

2013  Soul Manufacturing Corporation, w/ Theaster Gates, Locust Projects and the

Fabric Workshop and Museum—Chicago, IL + Miami, FL + Philadelphia, PA, USA


Selected Residencies

2021-22 HISK (Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten, Higher Institute of Arts) —Ghent, Belgium

2022  CERCCO at Geneva University of Art and Design—Geneva, Switzerland

2019  Rijksakademie (guest resident)—Amsterdam, Netherlands

2018  Asia Culture Center—Gwangju, South Korea

2018  iscp (International Studio and Curatorial Practice)—New York, NY, USA

2016  Jatiwangi Art Factory—West Java, Indonesia

2015  Sundaymorning@EKWC—Oisterwijk, Netherlands


Selected Lectures

2023  Musea Brugge—Bruges, Belgium

2022  LUCA School of Arts—Ghent, Belgium

2022  University of Oregon—Eugene, OR, USA

2020  National Taiwan University of Arts—Taipei, Taiwan

2019  Taipei Contemporary Art Center—Taipei, Taiwan

2018  iscp (International Studio and Curatorial Practice)—New York, NY, USA

2016  Jatiwangi Art Factory—West Java, Indonesia


Selected Publications

2022  Een wirwar aan souvenirs van Oost/West, toen/nu – Pei-Hsuan Wang in Kunsthal Gent

An-Katrien Callebaut—Metropolis M, Netherlands, October 30, 2022

2022  Ghost Eat Mud by Pei-Hsuan Wang at Kunsthal Gent, Editor—YYYYMMDD, October 12 ,2022

2021  You can see crises as end times as well as new beginnings, 

Senne Vanderschelden—Subbacultcha, Belgium, July, 2021

2020  August Review—Contemporary Art Daily, USA, August 8, 2020

2020  I’ve Left My Body to Occupy Others, Editor—Journal, USA, May, 2020

2020  Ambush of the Beast: Intimacy in Pei-Hsuan Wang’s When Mountlake Terrace Dreams

Po-Wei Wang—The Affairs, Taiwan, May 10, 2020

2020  Pei-Hsuan Wang at Good Weather, Editor—Contemporary Art Daily, April 18, 2020 

2020  Critic’s Picks ///\\///, Shih-yu Hsu—Art Forum China, May, 2020

2019  Cat and Bird, Lotte van Geijn—KLEI Keramiek Magazine, July, 2019

2018  ‘where we meet’, Editor—O Fluxo, USA, July 2018

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