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Elio Ticca

A room, a kitchen, dishes, light

May 20 - 31, 2020


A room, a kitchen, dishes, light. Washing up, repeated action, thoughts. The sun illuminates metal, glass, ceramic, organic skin, plastic, fluids, trespassing transparent objects, making surfaces shine, lighting up an involuntarily set scene. In the vitrine will be three paintings made during quarantine - still lives from our currently very still lives.


Elio Ticca (Italy, 1988) is a Brussels based artist working with painting, sculpture and installation. Graduated in fine arts at IUAV University of Venice, Italy, and art history at University of Leeds, United Kingdom, Ticca inquires the relations between historic and contemporary artistic languages, matrix and copy, authenticity and fictionality. With a process of camouflage and re-creation, his work aims at inquiring how the representation of affect can be visually deconstructed, and re-narrated under new forms.

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